Dr. Fareeha Ameer

General Practitioner


Dr. Fareeha graduated from the University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan in 2007. She is a member of Royal College Of General Practitioners since 2017 as MRCGP(Family Medicine).

Dr. Fareeha has practiced extensively Pakistan, Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates. She deals with all kinds of acute and chronic cases across pediatrics, adults as well as geriatrics. Her key area of expertise includes Dermatology. She is also skilled in the following

  • Adolescent and pediatric health with immunization, health promotion and managing common health issues presenting in adolescence and pediatric population
  • Management of chronic diseases like HTN, dyslipidemias, and Diabetes Mellitus, asthma
  • Women health's care and education
  • Dermatology: diagnosis and management of common presenting symptoms like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, fungal infections, hair and nail diseases
  • Urgent care cases presenting with symptoms of ENT, Eye, GIT, Genitourinary, respiratory, urology and musculoskeletal diseases.